The people who travel by train or Bus often face the problem of getting fresh and hygienic food. Earlier there were very limited options for getting food in trains or Bus and the people had to prepare their own food in home and had to carry it along with them throughout their journey. But nowadays, due to advanced technology it has become very easy to get the food of your choice at reasonable prices and at the desired time and place without compromising with the taste and quality of the food. solves all your problem of getting fresh food. It is a leading brand and is in existence. We serve food through 250+ vendors in India. We are doing fantastic work in serving hygienic and fresh food in train and Bus also specially on Airports too. We are passionate about delivering delicious Food in Train or Bus journey at your own seat in your compartment. You can book your orders online or you can even call us for placing your order. With us, you have the flexibility to choose from the various options given by us in our menu as we are not bound by a limited menu and then it is our responsibility to send it to you on time at the desired location without any hassle.


Pay Online Or Cash On Delivery

For payment also, our customers are not bounded. You are free to choose any payment option like payment through credit, cash on delivery, debit card or net banking. Customers are flexible to choose from any of these options according to their priority. We prepare food according to the taste of our customers and do not compromise with the quality at all. After having food prepared by us, you will get the feeling of immense satisfaction as it is fully hygienic and ultimately delicious. You can also sms us for placing your order. If anyone does not have access to internet, then for their convenience, they have the option of calling at our call center to 09990237025 between 8am to 10:30pm and take help from our executives to book their orders.


Hygienic Food Delivery

The food delivered by us is packed very hygienically. It is not even touched with bare hands. You do not have to worry for hygiene at all. Our delivery services are always on time and never late. For us our customer is our priority. Your satisfaction is our main motto.
Our services are being appreciated by a lot of customers. This motivates us to work continuously for our lovely customers and providing them with the top quality and nutritious Train and Bus food Delivery. Our wings are spread all over the country and we are even trying to extend them further also. You can save your precious time of preparing food, packing it and then carrying all over with you throughout the journey as we provide you with food which will be equivalent to your home made food. We are very much concerned about your health as we serve you with very healthy food.
We work in collaboration with many food joints and restaurants all over the country. We have a well trained task force to handle your complaints and queries if any. Our executives are available for you round the clock and guide you in the best possible way. Our services cover many railway stations and bus stands. With us you can enjoy a tasty meal on the wheels.


Best Variety Food Delivery is our commitment

As there is a well known saying that to reach to a person’s heart first you have to reach to his stomach. We completely follow these lines and try to reach to your heart by serving you the best Online Train Food Service. We try to connect with our customers by satisfying them by our service. We provide you with the assurance that with us you will get the right food at the right time. You will not have to wait for receiving your order. We believe in delivering what we have promised without compromising with the taste and quality so that we can build a healthy relationship with our customers.

We have different varieties of food like Chinese, North Indian food, South Indian food, and non veg. All these are served by our delivery staff to your seat. If you are carrying a baby with you, then no need to worry for feeding him. We at TravelZaika also provide hot milk for infants to quench their hunger. We even provide cerelac at any railway station and bus stand as it's a matter of your little one. Our kids care service is being appreciated by many of our customers and is gaining popularity day by day.


Open 365 Days for Non Stop Food Delivery

We do not take a single holiday and are open for you throughout the week from Monday to Sunday and try to fulfil your requirements in the best possible manner. Our staffs are very dedicated and are ready to assist you anytime. After booking your order online, you have to verify it through email or SMS or you can even give us a missed call. After the booking is approved, you just have to do nothing. Just relax on your seat and the food will get delivered to you at the desired location on time. Our Train/Bus Food Delivery Service and the food is so nutritious and healthy that you will not remember your homemade food even once. We work 365 days and serve you all types of meals like snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We provide you and your family the best train/bus food. Our excellent train food delivery service will lessen your tensions. Our main aim is to give the best service to our customers.


Food Delivery for fasting

Those people who are having fast during their journey need not have to worry. TravelZaika cares for each and every person and for people having fast, we provide food especially made for fast and also provide fresh fruits in train/buses at a very hygienically manner. We have achieved success from lot of hard work and support from our customer. We always wish that you have a very enjoyable and healthy experience with us and choose us for placing your order every time of your travel by Train/bus and require Online Food in Train/bus.
We remain updated about all the timings of trains and their arrivals. We follow utmost precision so that the food reaches to you without a miss. Our service is not hampered even with the minimal time stoppages of the train/bus as we keep ourselves always aware about every stations/stands stop pages timings. You will never regret choosing us as we are the best in providing food services in train/buses.