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Trains Passing through ROURKELA
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
00221Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Pune - Howrah AC SF Special Fare Special(PUNE-HWH)11:3511:50
00833Ahmedabad Junction to Santragachi Junction Ahmedabad - Santragachi AC Special Fare Special(ADI-SRC)01:5502:10
00834Santragachi Junction to Ahmedabad Junction• Santragachi - Ahmedabad AC Special Fare (SRC-ADI)20:3520:50
01419Pune Junction to Santragachi Junction Pune - Santragachi SpecialFare AC Puja Special(PUNE-SRC)11:4711:52
01420SANTRAGACHI JN to PUNE JN SRC PUNE AC SPL (src-pune)11:4512:00
02242 to (-)00:1300:28
02512Kamakhya Junction to Pune Junction Kamakhya - Pune SF Special(KYO-PUNE)22:4022:45
02822Santragachi Junction to Pune Junction Santragachi - Pune AC SF SpecialFare Special(SRC-PUNE)00:1300:28
02859Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Santragachi Junction Mumbai LTT - Santragachi SpecialFare AC Special(LTT-SRC)11:3511:50
12101Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn JNANESWARI DELX(LTT-HWH)20.4120.56
12102Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T JNANESWARISUPDL(HWH-LTT)04.5305.00
12129Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Azad Hind Express(PUNE-HWH)21:02 21:17
12130Howrah Junction to Pune Junction Azad Hind Express(HWH-PUNE)03:55 04:05
12151Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn SAMARSATA EXP(LTT-HWH)22.2522.40
12152Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T SAMARSATA EXP(HWH-LTT)06.0006.15
12573Sainagar Shirdi to Howrah Junction Snsi Hwh Superfast Express(SNSI-HWH)12:12 12:27
12767Hazur Sahib Nanded to Santragachi Junction HazurSahib Nanded-Kolkata Santragachi (NED-SRC)12:2212:37
12809Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn HOWRAH MAIL(-HWH)22.5623.11
12810Howrah Junction to Mumbai CST Howrah - Mumbai Mail (via Nagpur) (PT)(HWH-CSTM)02.1202.27
12811Lokmanyatilak T to Hatia HATIA EXPRESS(LTT-HTE)00.5201.02
12812Hatia to Lokmanyatilak T HTE LTT SUPER(HTE-LTT)12.2012.30
12833Ahmedabad Junction to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(ADI-HWH)06:3206:47
12834Howrah Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Hwh Adi Express(HWH-ADI)06:1506:30
12835Hatia to Yesvantpur Junction Hatia-Yesvantpur SF Express(HTE-YPR)21:0121:06
12836Yesvantpur Junction to Hatia Yesvantpur-Hatia SF Express(YPR-HTE)16:2516:30
12859Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn GITANJALI EXP(-HWH)05.4305.50
12860Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst GITANJALI EXP(HWH-)19.4820.03
12869Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn Mumbai CST - Howrah Weekly SF Express(CSTM-HWH)12.1212.27
12870Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst HWH CSTM EXPRES(HWH-)20.3520.50
12872Titlagarh Junction to Howrah Junction ISPAT EXPRESS(TIG-HWH)11:2011:40
12889Tatanagar Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Tata Ypr Express(TATA-YPR)21:0121:06
12905Porbandar to Howrah Junction Porbandar-Howrah SF Express(PBR-HWH)20:4120:56
12906Howrah Junction to Porbandar Howrah-Porbandar SF Express (PT)(HWH-PBR)04:5004:57
12949Porbandar to Santragachi Junction Kaviguru Express(PBR-SRC)22:2522:40
12950Santragachi Junction to Porbandar Santragachi-Porbandar Kavi Guru SF Express(SRC-PBR)06:0006:15
13287Durg to Danapur South Bihar Express(DURG-DNR)15:3515:50
13288Rajendra Nagar Terminal to Durg South Bihar Express(RJPB-DURG)11:2711:42
13351Dhanbad Junction to Alleppey Dhn Alappuzha E(DHN-ALLP)18:30 19:00
13352Alleppey to Tatanagar Junction Dhanbad Express(ALLP-TATA)05:1005:30
13426Surat to Malda Town St Malda Town E(ST-MLDT)14:5015:05
15611Lokmanyatilak T to Kamakhya Jn KARMABHOOMI EXP(LTT-KYQ)13.1013.25
17005Hyderabad Decan to Raxaul Jn HYB RXL EXPRESS(HYB-RXL)19.0519.20
17006Raxaul Jn to Hyderabad Decan DBG HYB EXPRESS(RXL-HYB)00.3500.45
17007Secunderabad Jn to Darbhanga Jn SC DBG EXPRESS(SC-DBG)19.0519.20
17008Darbhanga Jn to Secunderabad Jn DBG SC EXPRESS(DBG-SC)00.3500.45
18005 to (-)04:4505:28
18006Jagdalpur to Howrah Junction KORAPUT HWH EXP(JDB-HWH)22:0022:20
18029Lokmanyatilak T to Shalimar LTT SHALIMAR EXPRESS(LTT-SHM)03.2503.35
18030Shalimar to Lokmanyatilak T SHM LTT EXPRESS(SHM-LTT)23.0323.13
18107Rourkela to Koraput Rou Krpu Express(ROU-KRPU)Starts18:10
18109Amritsar Jn to Tatisilwai Rou Muri Jat Ex(ASR-TIS)First11.35
18110Amritsar Jn (RL) to Tatisilwai Jat Muri Rou Ex(ASR-TIS)14.05Last
18111Tatanagar Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Tatanagar - Yesvantpur Weekly Express(TATA-YPR)21:0121:06
18112Yesvantpur Junction to Tatanagar Junction Yesvantpur - Tatanagar Weekly Express(YPR-TATA)09:5209:57
18311Sambalpur to Varanasi Junction Sbp Bsb Express(SBP-BSB)15:5016:10
18312Varanasi Junction to Sambalpur Bsb Sbp Express(BSB-SBP)07:5508:15
18451Hatia to Puri Tapaswini Express(HTE-PURI)19:1019:20
18452Puri to Rayagada Tapaswini Express(PURI-RGDA)08:0508:20
18477Puri to Haridwar Junction Utkal Express(PURI-HW)09:1509:30
18478Haridwar Junction to Puri Kalingautkalexp(HW-PURI)16:5017:05
18637Hatia to Yesvantpur Junction Hte Ypr Express(HTE-YPR)21:0121:06
18638Bangalore Cant to Hatia Bangalore- Hatia Weekly Express(BNC-HTE)09:5209:57
19659Kolkata Shalimar to Udaipur City Shalimar - Udaipur City Weekly Express(SHM-UDZ)02:3002:40
19660Udaipur City to Shalimar Udz Shm Express(UDZ-SHM)02:4302:53
22511Lokmanyatilak T to Kamakhya Karmabhoomi Express(LTT-KYQ)13:1013:15
22512Kamakhya Jn to Lokmanyatilak T KARMABHOOMI EXP(KYQ-LTT)20.3520.50
22512Kamakhya Jn to Lokmanyatilak T KARMABHOOMI EXP(KYQ-LTT)20:35 20:50
22805Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Bbs Ndls Sup Ex(BBS-NDLS)20:1020:30
22806New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Ndls Bbs Sup Ex(NDLS-BBS)07:2007:40
22829Bhuj to Shalimar BHUJ SHM EXP(BHUJ-SHM)02.4302.53
22830Shalimar to Bhuj SHM BHUJ SF EX(SHM-BHUJ)02.3002.40
22844Patna Junction to Bilaspur Junction Bilaspur Weekly SF Express(PNBE-BSP)12:0512:15
22845Pune Junction to Hatia Pune-Hatia Biweekly SF Express(PUNE -HTE)13:3013:40
22846Hatia to Pune Junction Hte Pune Express(HTE-PUNE)22:40 22:45
22893Sainagar Shirdi to Howrah Junction Snsi Hwh Superfast Express(SNSI-HWH)12:2212:37
22894Howrah Junction to Sainagar Shirdi Howrah - Sainagar Shirdi SF Express(HWH-SNSI )20:3520:50
22905Okha to Howrah Junction Okha Howrah Link Express(OKHA-HWH)20:2420:56
58113Tatanagar Junction to Bilaspur Junction Tata Bsp Passenger(BSP-Bilaspur Junction)21:4822:03
82506Kamakhya Junction to Pune Junction Kamakhya - Pune Suvidha Puja Special(KYQ-PUNE)22:4022:45
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