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Trains Passing through NELLORE
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
08302Yesvantpur Junction» to Sambalpur Junction• Yesvantpur - Sambalpur Suvidha Special(YPR-SBP)10:3010:32
12078Vijayawada Junction to Chennai Central Vijayawada - Chennai Central Jan Shatabdi Express(BZA-MAS)19:1819:20
12253Yesvantpur Junction to Bhagalpur Junction Anga SF Express(YPR-BGP)22:2522:26
12295Bangalore Cy Jn to Patna Jn Sanghamitra Exp(SBC-PNBE)18.2518.27
12296Patna Junction to Bangalore Cy Junction Sangha Mitra Ex(PNBE-SBC)10:0910:10
12385Howrah Junction to Dhanbad Junction Howrah-Dhanbad AC Double Decker(HWH -DHN)19:0019:01
12511Gorakhpur Jn to Trivandrum Central Rapti Sagar Exp(GKP-TVC)19.1819.20
12512Trivandrum Central to Gorakhpur Jn Raptisagar Exp(TVC-GKP)02.0202.03
12521Barauni Jn to Eranakulam Jn Rapti Sagar Express(BJU-ERS)19.1919.20
12522Eranakulam Jn to Barauni Jn Raptisagar Exp(ERS-BJU)02.0202.03
12603Chennai Central to Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Chennai Central - Hyderabad SF Express(MAS-HYB)19:4419:45
12615Chennai Central to New Delhi Grand Trunk (GT) Express(MAS-NDLS)21.5721.58
12616New Delhi to Chennai Central G T Express(NDLS-MAS)02.3802.40
12625Trivandrum Cntl to New Delhi Kerala Express(TVC-NDLS)06.2206.23
12626New Delhi to Trivandrum Central Kerala Express(NDLS-TVC)18.0818.10
12655Ahmedabad Jn to Chennai Central NAVJEEVAN EXP(ADI-MAS)12.1512.17
12656Chennai Central to Ahmedabad Jn NAVAJIVAN EXP(MAS-ADI)12.2512.26
12659Nagercoil Jn to Shalimar GURUDEV EXPRESS(NCJ-SHM)12.0512.06
12660Shalimar to Nagercoil Jn GURUDEV EXPRESS(SHM-NCJ)00.1200.13
12665Howrah Junction to Kanyakumari Kannyakumari Express(HWH-CAPE)15:2915:30
12666Kanniyakumari to Howrah Junction Kanyakumari-Howrah Weekly Express(CAPE-HWH)01:4201:43
12759Chennai Central to Hyderabad Charminar SF Express(MAS-HYB)21:1021:11
12760Hyderabad to Chennai Central Charminar SF Express(HYB-MAS)04:2304:24
12763Tirupati Main to Secunderabad Junction Padmavati SF Express(TPTY-SC)19:2219:23
12764Secunderabad Junction to Tirupati Main Padmavati SF Express(SC-TPTY)03:5103:52
12829Chennai Central to Bhubaneswar Chennai - Bhubaneswar SF Express(MAS-BBS)00:0200:03
12836Yesvantpur Junction to Hatia Yesvantpur-Hatia SF Express(YPR-HTE)17:3217:33
12840Chennai Central to Howrah Junction Chennai - Howrah Mail(MAS-HWH)02:1702:18
12845Bhubaneswar to Yesvantpur Junction Bhubaneswar - Yesvantpur SF Express (BBS-YPR)00:1200:13
12851Bilaspur Jn to Chennai Central BSP MAS EXP(BSP-MAS)04.4704.48
12852Chennai Central to Bilaspur Jn BILASPUR EXPRES(MAS-BSP)00.0200.03
12863Howrah Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Howrah - Yesvantpur SF Express(HWH-YPR)20:1220:13
12864Yesvantpur Junction to Howrah Junction Yesvantpur - Howrah SF Express (YPR-HWH)05:2505:26
12889Tatanagar Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Tata Ypr Express(TATA-YPR)18:5618:57
12897Puducherry to Bhubaneswar Puducherry-Bhubaneswar Express(PDY-BBS)01:4201:43
12898Bhubaneswar to Puducherry Bhubaneswar-Puducherry SF Express(BBS-PDY)04:4704:48
12968Jaipur to Chennai Central Jp Madras Expre(JP-MAS)05.1905.21
12969Coimbatore Jn to Jaipur Cbe Jaipur Exp(CBE-JP)20.1720.18
12970Jaipur to Coimbatore Jn Jp Cbe Sup Exp(JP-CBE)05.1905.21
13352Alleppey to Tatanagar Junction Dhanbad Express(ALLP-TATA)02:4202:43
14259Rameswaram to Varanasi Junction Rmm Varanasi Ex(RMM-BSB)16:1716:18
14260Varanasi Junction to Rameswaram Bsb Rmm Express(BSB-RMM)06:2706:29
15119Rameswaram to Manduadih• Rameswaram - Manduadih Weekly Express(RMM-MUV)16:1716:18
15902Dibrugarh to Bangalore Cy Junction Dbrg Sbc Express(DBRG-SBC)00:5801:00
15905Kanyakumari to Dibrugarh DBRG VIVEK EXP(-DBRG)12.0512.06
15906Dibrugarh to Kanniyakumari VIVEK EXPRESS(DBRG-CAPE)10.3410.35
16031Chennai Central to Jammu Tawi Andaman Express(MAS-JAT)08:4208:43
16032Jammu Tawi to Chennai Central Andaman Express(JAT-MAS)06.1506.17
16093Chennai Central to Lucknow Nr Lucknow Exp(MAS-LKO)08:4208:43
16094Lucknow Ne to Chennai Central Ljn Mas Exp(LJN-MAS)06.1506.17
16125Chennai Egmore to Jodhpur Jn MS JODHPUR EXPRESS(MS-JU)18.0618.08
16126Jodhpur Jn to Chennai Egmore JU MS EXPRESS(JU-MS)12.5712.59
16325Indore Jn Bg to Trivandrum Cntl Ahilyanagari Ex(INDB-TVC)19.1819.20
16326Trivandrum Central to Indore Jn Ahilyanagari Ex(TVC-INDB)02.0202.03
16327Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)19.1919.20
16328Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)02.0202.03
16359Ernakulam Jn to Patna Jn Ers Patna Express(ERS-PNBE)16.1716.18
16360Patna Jn to Eranakulam Jn Pnbe Ers Expres(PNBE-ERS)06.2806.29
16687Mangalore Cntl to Jammu Tawi Navyug Exp(MAQ-JAT)12.0512.06
16688Jammu Tawi to Mangalore Cntl Navyug Express(JAT-TEN)03.1803.20
16787Tirunelveli to Jammu Tawi Ten Jammu Exp(TEN-JAT)12:0512:06
16864Mannargudi to Bhagat Ki Kothi Mannargudi - Bhagat ki Kothi Weekly Express(MO-BCKT)22:5823:00
17209Bengaluru City Junction to Kakinada Town Junction Seshadri Express(SBC-CCT)20:3020:32
17229Trivandrum Cntl to Hyderabad Decan SABARI EXPRESS(-HYB)03.1103.13
17230Hyderabad Decan to Trivandrum Cntl SABARI EXP(HYB-)21.1421.15
17402Machilipatnam to Tirupati Main Machilipatanam-Tirupati Link Express(MTM-TPTY)00:4700:48
17404Narasapur to Tirupati Main Narasapur Tirupati Link Express(NS-TPTY )00:4700:48
17405Tirupati Main to Adilabad Krishna Express(TPTY-ADB)08:090811
17479Puri to Tirupati Main Puri-Tirupati Express(PURI-TPTY)12:3212:35
17481Bilaspur Junction to Tirupati Bsp Tpty Express(BSP-TPTY)12:32 12:33
17482Tirupati to Bilaspur Junction Tirupati-Bilaspur Express(TPTY-BSP)13:3113:32
18495Rameswaram to Bhubaneswar Rameswaram-Bhubaneshwar Weekly Express(RMM-BBS)01:4201:43
18496Bhubaneswar to Rameswaram Bhubaneswar-Rameswaram Weekly Express(BBS-RMM)04:4704:48
18567Vishakapatnam to Kollam Jn VSKP QLN EXP(-)18.5618.58
18568Kollam Jn to Vishakapatnam QLN VSKP EXP(-)15.1615.18
18637Hatia to Yesvantpur Junction Hte Ypr Express(HTE-YPR)18:5518:57
22351Danapur to Yesvantpur Junction Danapur Patliputra - Yesvantpur Express(DNR-YPR)10:2410:25
22352Yesvantpur Jn to Danapur PATLIPUTRAEXP(YPR-DNR)19.1019.11
22605Purulia Junction to Villupuram Junction Purulia-Villupuram Weekly SF Express(PRR-VM)13:1313:14
22606Villupuram Junction to PURULIA JN Villupuram - Purulia Weekly SF Express(VM-PRR)19:3319:34
22611Chennai Central to New Jalpaiguri Junction Chennai-NewJalpaiguri SF Express(MAS-NJP)13:4013;41
22612New Jalpaiguri Junction to Chennai Central Jalpaiguri-Chennai SF Express (NJP-MAS)10:3410:35
22631Chennai Central to Bikaner Jn BKN AC SF EXP(MAS-BKN)00.0100.03
22632Bikaner Jn to Chennai Central BKN MAS AC SF(BKN-MAS)05.0905.11
22645Indore Jn to Trivandrum Central AHILYANAGARI EX(INDB-TVC)19.1819.20
22646Trivandrum Central to Indore Jn AHILYANAGARI EX(TVC-INDB)02.0202.03
22647Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)19.1919.20
22648Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)02.0202.03
22825Shalimar to Chennai Central Shm Mas Superfast Express(SHM-MAS)13:1313:14
22826Chennai Central to Kolkata Shalimar Chennai Central-Shalimar Weekly SF Express(MAS-SHM)19:3319:34
22838ERNAKULAM JN to HATIA DHARTI-AABA EXP (ers-hte)14:3314:35
22851Santragachi Jn to Mangalore Cntl MAQ VIVEK EXP(SRC-)14.0714.08
22852Mangalore Central to Santragachi Jn SRC VIVEK EXP(MAQ-SRC)17.3217.33
22859Puri to Chennai Central Puri-Chennai Central Weekly SF Express(PURI-MAS)10:3410:36
22860Chennai Central to Puri Chennai Central-Puri Weekly SF Express(MAS-PURI )19:3319:34
22879Bhubaneswar to Tirupati Main Bhubaneswar - Tirupati Weekly SF Express(BBS-TPTY)05:0705:08
22880Tirupati Main to Bhubaneswar Tirupati Bhubaneswar Weekly SF Express(TPTY-BBS)15:1715:18
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