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Trains Passing through MANGALORE CENTRAL
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12620Mangalore Central to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Matsyagandha Express(MAQ-LTT)Starts12:50
16860Mangalore Central to Chennai Egmore MAQ CHENNAI EXP(MAQ-MS)Starts06.50
56654Mangalore Central to Kozhikode (Calicut) MAQ CLT PASS(MAQ-CLT)Starts05.20
16605Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn ERNAD EXPRESS(-NCJ)Starts07.20
56324Mangalore Central to Coimbatore Jn MAQ CBE PASS(MAQ-CBE)Starts08.00
12602Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central CHENNAI MAIL(-MAS)Starts13.15
12686Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central CHENNAI EXP(-MAS)Starts16.15
16856Mangalore Central to Pondicherry PUDUCHERRY EXP(MAQ-PDY)Starts16.50
16858Mangalore Cntl to Puducherry PUDUCHERRY EXP(-)Starts16.50
16603Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)Starts17.45
16566Mangalore Central to Yesvantpur Jn YESVANTPUR EXP(MAQ-YPR)Starts20.00
17605Mangalore Central to Kacheguda MAQ KCG EXPRESS(MAQ-KCG)Starts20.00
22609Mangalore Cntl to Coimbatore Jn INTERCITY EXP(-CBE)Starts11.45
16649Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn PARASURAM EXP(-NCJ)Starts04.50
16687Mangalore Cntl to Jammu Tawi Navyug Exp(MAQ-JAT)Starts16.50
16628Mangalore Central to Chennai Central WEST COAST EXP(MAQ-MAS)Starts22.00
16630Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MALABAR EXPRESS(-)Starts18.20
16348Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM EXP(-)Starts14.20
22638Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central WEST COAST EXP(-MAS)Starts22.00
22852Mangalore Central to Santragachi Jn SRC VIVEK EXP(MAQ-SRC)Starts22.45
16688Jammu Tawi to Mangalore Cntl Navyug Express(JAT-TEN)22.45Ends
16859Chennai Egmore to Mangalore Central MS MANGALORE EX(MS-MAQ)21.50Ends
16650Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl PARASURAM EXP(NCJ-)20.30Ends
12620Mangalore Central to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Matsyagandha Express(MAQ-LTT)19:0519:15
56323Coimbatore Jn to Mangalore Central CBE MAQ PASS(CBE-MAQ)19.50Ends
16606Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl ERNAD EXPRESS(NCJ-MAQ)17:20Ends
16565Yesvantpur Jn to Mangalore Central MANGALOREEXP(YPR-MAQ)17.40Ends
16606Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl ERNAD EXPRESS(NCJ-MAQ)17.20Ends
12051Dadar Central to Madgaon Junction Dadar - Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Express (DR-MAQ)16:00End
22610Coimbatore Jn to Mangalore Cntl INTERCITY EXP(CBE-)13.40Ends
12601Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE MAIL(MAS-)12.20Ends
17606Kacheguda to Mangalore Cntl KCG MAQ EXP(KCG-)11.20Ends
16347Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(-)10.55Ends
16629Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MALABAR EXP(-)10.05Ends
16855Pondicherry to Mangalore Central MANGALORE EXP(PDY-MAQ)09.50Ends
16857Puducherry to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(-)09.50Ends
22851Santragachi Jn to Mangalore Cntl MAQ VIVEK EXP(SRC-)09.50Ends
12685Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(MAS-)08.30Ends
16604Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)08.00Ends
16627Chennai Central to Mangalore Central WEST COAST EXP(MAS-MAQ)04.20Ends
22637Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl WEST COAST EXPRESS(MAS-MAQ)04.20Ends
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Online food delivery in train
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