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Trains Passing through HYDERABAD DECAN
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12719Ajmer Jn to Hyderabad Decan Aii Hyb Sf Exp(AII-HYB)00.30Ends
17031Mumbai Cst to Hyderabad Decan HYDERABAD EXP(-HYB)05.55Ends
12722H Nizamuddin to Vishakapatnam Dakshin Express(NZM-VSKP)05:0000:00
17255Narasapur to Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Narasapur - Hyderabad Express(NS-HYB)05:25Ends
12603Chennai Central to Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Chennai Central - Hyderabad SF Express(MAS-HYB)05:45Ends
17031Mumbai Cst to Hyderabad Decan HYDERABAD EXP(-HYB)05:55Ends
07108Kollam Junction to Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Kollam - Hyderabad Sabarimala Special(QLN-HYB)06:00Ends
17019Ajmer Jn to Hyderabad Decan Aii Hyb Express(AII-HYB)08.10Ends
12759Chennai Central to Hyderabad Charminar SF Express(MAS-HYB)08:00Ends
12701Mumbai Cst to Hyderabad Decan HUSAINSAGAR EXP(-HYB)12.10Ends
17229Trivandrum Cntl to Hyderabad Decan SABARI EXPRESS(-HYB)13.40Ends
18645Howrah Junction to Hyderabad Decan East Coast Express(HWH-HYB)18:30Ends
12724New Delhi to Hyderabad Decan TELANGANA EXP(NDLS-HYB)19.50Ends
17006Raxaul Jn to Hyderabad Decan DBG HYB EXPRESS(RXL-HYB)23.15Ends
17005Hyderabad Decan to Raxaul Jn HYB RXL EXPRESS(HYB-RXL)Starts21.30
12721Hyderabad Decan to H Nizamuddin Nizamuddin Exp(HYB-NZM)Starts22.30
12728Hyderabad Deccan Nampally to Visakhapatnam Junction Godavari SF Express (PT)(HYB-VSKP)Starts17:15
17020Hyderabad Deccan Nampally to Ajmer Junction Hyderabad - Ajmer (HYB-AII)Starts15.15
12760Hyderabad to Chennai Central Charminar SF Express(HYB-MAS)Starts18:30
12720Hyderabad Deccan Nampally to Kolhapur Hyderabad - Ajmer Superfast Express (PT)(HYB-KOP)Starts20.30
12702Hyderabad Decan to Mumbai Cst HUSSAINSAGAR EX(HYB-)Starts14.45
17032Hyderabad Decan to Mumbai Cst MUMBAI EXP(HYB-)Starts20.40
17230Hyderabad Decan to Trivandrum Cntl SABARI EXP(HYB-)Starts12.00
17014Hyderabad - Pune Express to Pune Junction Hyderabad - Pune Express(HYB-PUNE)Starts22:45
57563Hyderabad Deccan Nampally to Parbhani Junction Hyderabad-Parbhani Passenger(HYB-PBN)Starts22:40
11303Hyderabad Deccan Nampally to Kolhapur CSMT Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express(HYB-KOP)Starts23:10
07011 to (-)Starts20:30
18646Hyderabad Decan to Howrah Junction East Coast Express(HYB-HWH)Starts10:00
12723Hyderabad Decan to New Delhi Telangana Express(HYB-NDLS)Starts06.25
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