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Trains Passing through HABIBGANJ
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
59394Habibganj to Dahod HBJ DHD FAST PA(HBJ-DHD)Starts11.50
59393Dahod to Habibganj Dhd Hbj Fast Pa(DHD-HBJ)16.20Ends
59386Amritsar Jn to Indore Jn Panchvalley Pa(ASR-INDB)08.0808.10
59385Indore Junction Bg to Chhindwara Junction Panchvalley Pas(INDB-CWA)18:2518:27
22187Bhopal HabibGanj to Jabalpur Junction Bhopal Habibganj - Jabalpur Intercity Express(HBJ-JBP)Starts05:30
22122Lucknow Charbagh NR to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Lucknow - Mumbai LTT AC SF Express(LKO-LTT)03:5004:00
19714Secunderabad Jn to Jaipur Jn Sc Jp Exp(SC-JP)17.2317.25
19713Jaipur to Secunderabad Jn Jp Sc Exp(JP-SC)09.4509.47
19324Habibganj to Indore Junction Bg Indb Intercity(HBJ-INDB)Starts17:10
19323Indore Junction Bg to Habibganj Intercity Exp(INDB-HBJ)10:55Ends
19302Yesvantpur Jn to Indore Jn Ypr Indb Exp(YPR-INDB)22.3422.36
19301Indore Jn Bg to Yesvantpur Jn Yeshvantpur Exp(INDB-YPR)01.5501.57
18474Jodhpur Jn to Puri Ju Puri Express(JU-PURI)07.2007.22
18473Puri to Jodhpur Jn Puri Ju Express(PURI-JU)17.2317.25
18243Bilaspur Junction to Bhagat Ki Kothi Bilaspur - Bhagat Ki Kothi (Jodhpur) Express(BSP-BGKT)08:3608:38
18238Amritsar Jn to Chhindwara Junction Chhatisgarh Exp(ASR-CWA)18.5518.57
18237Bilaspur Junction to Amritsar Junction Chattisgarh Exp(BSP-ASR)06.0506.06
18234Bilaspur Jn to Indore Jn Bg Narmada Exp Psg(BSP-INDB)03.4303.44
18233Indore Jn Bg to Bilaspur Jn Narmada Express(INDB-BSP)23.3523.37
14314Bareilly to Lokmanyatilak T Be Ltt Express(BE-LTT)04.2504.27
14313Lokmanyatilak T to Bareilly Bareilly Exp(LTT-BE)21.4821.50
14010Delhi S Rohilla to Chhindwara Junction Patalkot Exp(DEE-CWA)00:4500:47
14009Chhindwara Junction to Delhi S Rohilla Patalkot Exp(CWA-DEE)16:3416:35
12976Jaipur to Mysore Jn Jp Mysore Exp(JP-MYS)07.2007.22
12975Mysore Jn to Jaipur Jaipur Express(MYS-JP)17.2417.25
12970Jaipur to Coimbatore Jn Jp Cbe Sup Exp(JP-CBE)07.2007.22
12969Coimbatore Jn to Jaipur Cbe Jaipur Exp(CBE-JP)17.2417.25
12968Jaipur to Chennai Central Jp Madras Expre(JP-MAS)07.2007.22
12923Indore Junction BG to Nagpur Junction Indore - Nagpur Express(INDB-NGP)01:3001:35
12914Nagpur Jn to Indore Jn TRISHATABDI EXP(NGP-INDB)01.2301.25
12913Indore Jn to Nagpur Jn TRISHATABDI EXP(INDB-NGP)01.3301.35
12861Vishakapatnam to H Nizamuddin Link Daksin Exp(VSKP-NZM)16.1916.20
12854Bhopal Junction to Durg Amarkantak Exp(BPL-DURG)15:5515:57
12853Durg to Bhopal Junction Amarkantak Exp(DURG-BPL)09:5409:55
12722H Nizamuddin to Vishakapatnam Dakshin Express(NZM-VSKP)10:3010:32
12721Hyderabad Decan to H Nizamuddin Nizamuddin Exp(HYB-NZM)16.1816.20
12616New Delhi to Chennai Central G T Express(NDLS-MAS)05.3805.40
12615Chennai Central to New Delhi Grand Trunk (GT) Express(MAS-NDLS)18.4618.47
12534Mumbai Cst to Lucknow Ne Pushpak Express(CSTM-LJN)20.3820.40
12533Lucknow Ne to Mumbai Cst Pushpak Exp(LJN-CSTM)06.1506.17
12530Jabalpur Junction to Bhopal HabibGanj Jabalpur - Bhopal Habibganj Intercity Express(JBP-HBJ)22:15End
12192Jabalpur to New Delhi Jbp Ndls Sup Ex(JBP-NDLS)23:2823:30
12191New Delhi to Jabalpur Ndls Jbp Sup Ex(NDLS-JBP)01:1001:12
12186Rewa to Habibganj Rewanchal Exp(REWA-HBJ)06:05Ends
12185Habibganj to Rewa Rewanchal Exp(HBJ-REWA)Starts22:00
12162Agra Cantt to Lokmanyatilak T Lashkar Express(AGC-LTT)08.2508.27
12161Lokmanyatilak T to Agra Cantt Lashkar Express(LTT-AGC)05.1005.12
12156H Nizamuddin to Habibganj Bhopal Express(NZM-HBJ)07:05Ends
12155Habibganj to H Nizamuddin Bhopal Express(HBJ-NZM)Starts21:05
12154Habibganj to Lokmanyatilak T HBJ LTT SUP EXP(HBJ-LTT)Starts18.20
12153Lokmanyatilak T to Habibganj HABIBGANJ EXP(LTT-HBJ)05.30Ends
12138Firozpur Cant to Mumbai Cst Punjab Mail(FZR-CSTM)17.0517.07
12137Mumbai Cst to Firozpur Cant Punjab Mail(CSTM-FZR)09.1009.12
11472Jabalpur to Indore Junction Bg Jbp Indb Exp(JBP-INDB)05:0505:07
11471Indore Junction Bg to Jabalpur Indb Jbp Express(INDB-JBP)22:4022:42
11464Jabalpur to Somnath Jbp Somnath Express(JBP-SMNH)17.4317.45
11463Somnath to Jabalpur Smnh Jbp Expres(SMNH-JBP)08.4508.47
11204Jaipur to Nagpur JP NGP EXPRESS(JP-NGP)11.5011.52
11203Nagpur Jn to Jaipur Jn NGP JAIPUR EXP(NGP-JP)18.3518.37
11078Jammu Tawi to Pune Junction Jhelum Express(JAT-PUNE)22:1522:17
11077Pune Junction to Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express(PUNE-JAT)08:3808:40
11072Varanasi Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Kamayani Expres(BSB-LTT)07.5007.52
11071Lokmanyatilak T to Varanasi Jn Kamayani Expres(LTT-BSB)02.0802.10
11070Allahabad Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Tulsi Express(ALD-LTT)05.0505.07
11069Lokmanyatilak T to Allahabad Jn Tulsi Express(LTT-ALD)18.1518.17
11058Amritsar Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Asr Ltt Express(ASR-LTT)11.2511.27
11057Amritsar Jn to Badli Amritsar Expres(ASR-BHD)14.3814.40
11016Gorakhpur Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Kushinagar Exp(GKP-LTT)12.1512.17
11015Lokmanyatilak T to Gorakhpur Jn Kushinagar Exp(LTT-GKP)13.3313.35
04433Manmad Junction to Hazrat Nizamuddin Manmad - Hazrat Nizamuddin AC SF Tatkal Fare Special(MMR-NZM)04:1004:20
04154Mumbai Cst to Kanpur Central Jn CSTM KANPUR SPL(-CNB)15.3015.32
04153Kanpur Central Jn to Mumbai Cst CNB CSTM SPL(CNB-)08.2508.27
01654Bandra Terminus to Habibganj Bdts Hbj Special(BDTS-HBJ)04:50 Ends
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