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Trains Passing through GUNA
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
11101Pune Junction to Gwalior Junction Pune - Gwalior Weekly Express(PUNE -GWL)21:1021:15
11103Jhansi Jn to Bandra Terminus JHS BDTS Express(JHS-BDTS)23.3523.45
11104Bandra Terminus to Jhansi Jn Bdts Jhansi Exp(BDTS-JHS)22.2022.30
11125Indore Jn Bg to Gwalior IND GWALIAR EXP(-)03.0003.10
11126Gwalior to Indore Jn Bg GWL INDB EXPRES(-)00.4500.55
12181Jabalpur to Ajmer Junction Dayodaya Express(JBP-AII)04:0504:10
12197Bhopal Junction to Gwalior Gwl Intercity(BPL-GWL)19:1519:25
12198Gwalior to Bhopal Junction Bpl Intercity(GWL-BPL)10:4010:50
13423Bhagalpur to Ajmer Junction Bgp Aii Express(BGP-AII)12:5513:05
13424Ajmer Junction to Bhagalpur Aii Bgp Express(AII-BGP)16:3016:40
14309Ujjain Jn to Dehradun Ujjaini Express(UJN-DDN)20.1020.20
14310Dehradun to Ujjain Jn Ujjaiyani Exp(DDN-UJN)03.3503.45
14317Indore Jn to Dehradun Ind Ddn Express(INDB-DDN)21.1021.15
14318Dehradun to Indore Jn Bg Ddn Indb Exp(DDN-INDB)23.3523.45
14709Bikaner Junction to Puri Bikaner - Puri Express(BKN-PURI)07:2007:30
14710Puri to Bikaner Junction Puri - Bikaner Express(PURI-BKN)07:4007:50
15045Gorakhpur Jn to Okha Gkp Okha Expres(GKP-OKHA)03.3503.45
15046Okha to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(OKHA-GKP)20.1020.20
18009Santragachi Junction to Ajmer Junction Src Aii Express(SRC-AII)18:1518:25
18010Ajmer Junction to Santragachi Junction Ajmer-Santragachi Weekly Express(AII-SRC)06:0006:10
18214Jaipur Junction to Durg Junction Jaipur - Durg Weekly Express(JP-DURG)05:1505:25
18573Visakhapatnam Junction to Bhagat Ki Kothi Vishakhapatnam - Bhagat Ki Kothi Weekly (VSKP-BGKT)07:4007:50
18574Bhagat Ki Kothi to Vishakapatnam Bgkt Vskp Express(BGKT-VSKP)05:1505:25
19053Surat to Muzaffarpur Jn St Mfp Express(ST-MFP)20.1020.20
19054Muzaffarpur Jn to Surat Mfp St Express(MFP-ST)03.3503.45
19165Ahmedabad Jn to Darbhanga Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-DBG)11.4011.55
19166Darbhanga Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(DBG-ADI)11.5512.05
19167Ahmedabad Jn to Varanasi Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-BSB)11.4011.55
19168Varanasi Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(BSB-ADI)11.5512.05
19307Indore Junction Bg to Chandigarh Chandigarh Express(INDB-CDG)13:5514:05
19308Chandigarh to indore Junction Bg Cdg Indb Express(CDG-INDB)09:3009:45
19325Indore Junction BG to Amritsar Junction Indore - Amritsar Express(INDB-ASR)21.1021.15
19326Amritsar Jn to Shivpuri Asr Indb Expres(ASR-SVPI)19.2019.30
19607Kolkata to Ajmer Junction Kolkata Ajmer Express(Koaa-Aii)18:1518:25
19608Ajmer Junction to Kolkata Aii Koaa Express(Aii-Koaa)06:0006:10
19659Kolkata Shalimar to Udaipur City Shalimar - Udaipur City Weekly Express(SHM-UDZ)21:1021:20
19660Udaipur City to Shalimar Udz Shm Express(UDZ-SHM)06:0006:10
21125Indore Jn Bg to Bhind INDORE BHIND EX(-BIX)03.0003.10
21126Bhind to Indore Jn Bg BIX INDB EXP(BIX-)00.4500.55
59341Nagda Jn to Bina Jn NAD BINA PASS(NAD-BINA)19.3519.45
59342Bina Jn to Nagda Jn BINA NAD PASS(BINA-NAD)07.1507.25
59821Kota Junction to Bhind Kota - Bhind Passenger(KOTA-BIX)04:4505:45
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