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Trains Passing through KANNUR (CANNANORE)
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
56657Kozhikode (Calicut) to Kannur (Cannanore) CLT CAN PASS(CLT-CAN)16.35Ends
56654Mangalore Central to Kozhikode (Calicut) MAQ CLT PASS(MAQ-CLT)08.3008.40
56653Kozhikode (Calicut) to Kannur (Cannanore) CLT CAN PASS(CLT-CAN)09.25Ends
56652Kannur (Cannanore) to Kozhikode (Calicut) CAN CLT PASS(CAN-CLT)Starts17.20
56651Coimbatore Jn to Kannur (Cannanore) CBE CAN F PASS(CBE-CAN)21.35Ends
56650Kannur (Cannanore) to Coimbatore Jn CAN CBE F PASS(CAN-CBE)Starts05.45
56603Thrisur to Kannur (Cannanore) TCR CAN PASS(TCR-CAN)12.20Ends
56602Kannur (Cannanore) to Shoranur Jn CAN SRR PASS(CAN-SRR)Starts14.45
56324Mangalore Central to Coimbatore Jn MAQ CBE PASS(MAQ-CBE)11.2011.25
56323Coimbatore Jn to Mangalore Central CBE MAQ PASS(CBE-MAQ)15.4515.50
22852Mangalore Central to Santragachi Jn SRC VIVEK EXP(MAQ-SRC)01.0001.05
22851Santragachi Jn to Mangalore Cntl MAQ VIVEK EXP(SRC-)07.0007.05
22638Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central WEST COAST EXP(-MAS)00.2500.30
22637Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl WEST COAST EXPRESS(MAS-MAQ)01.2501.30
22634H Nizamuddin to Trivandrum Cntl NZM TVC SF EXP(NZM-TVC)20.0520.10
22630Tirunelveli to Dadar TEN DR EXPRES(TEN-DR)20.1020.15
22629Dadar to Tirunelveli DADAR TEN EXP(-TEN)16.4516.50
22610Coimbatore Jn to Mangalore Cntl INTERCITY EXP(CBE-)11.1011.15
22609Mangalore Cntl to Coimbatore Jn INTERCITY EXP(-CBE)13.4513.50
22476Coimbatore Jn to Bikaner Jn BIKANER AC EXP(CBE-BKN)20.1020.15
22475Bikaner Jn to Coimbatore Jn BKN CBE AC S F(BKN-CBE)22.5522.57
22150Pune Jn to Ernakulam Jn PUNE ERS SUP EX(PUNE-ERS)16.1016.15
22149Ernakulam Jn to Pune Jn ERS PUNE EXPRES(ERS-PUNE)10.2010.25
22114Kochuveli to Lokmanyatilak T KCVL LTT SF EXP(KCVL-LTT)10.2010.25
22113Lokmanyatilak T to Kochuveli LTT KCVL EXPRES(LTT-KCVL)12.4012.45
19578Hapa to Tirunelveli HAPA TEN EXPRES(HAPA-TEN)08.3508.40
19577Tirunelveli to Hapa HAPA EXPRESS(TEN-HAPA)20.1020.15
19331KOCHUVELI to INDORE JN BG KCVL Indore Express(KCVL-INDB)19:5520:00
19262Porbandar to Kochuveli KOCHUVELI EXP(PBR-KCVL)07.0007.05
19261Kochuveli to Porbandar PORBANDAR EXPRESS(KCVL-PBR)20.1020.15
19260Bhavnagar Trmus to Kochuveli BVC KCVL EXP(-KCVL)18.4518.50
19259Kochuveli to Bhavnagar Trmus KCVL BVC EXPRES(KCVL-)02.0002.05
17606Kacheguda to Mangalore Cntl KCG MAQ EXP(KCG-)08.1008.15
17605Mangalore Central to Kacheguda MAQ KCG EXPRESS(MAQ-KCG)22.1522.20
16860Mangalore Central to Chennai Egmore MAQ CHENNAI EXP(MAQ-MS)09.2509.30
16859Chennai Egmore to Mangalore Central MS MANGALORE EX(MS-MAQ)18.4018.45
16858Mangalore Cntl to Puducherry PUDUCHERRY EXP(-)19.0519.10
16857Puducherry to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(-)07.0007.05
16856Mangalore Central to Pondicherry PUDUCHERRY EXP(MAQ-PDY)19.0519.10
16855Pondicherry to Mangalore Central MANGALORE EXP(PDY-MAQ)07.0007.05
16688Jammu Tawi to Mangalore Cntl Navyug Express(JAT-TEN)20.1020.15
16687Mangalore Cntl to Jammu Tawi Navyug Exp(MAQ-JAT)19.0519.10
16650Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl PARASURAM EXP(NCJ-)17.3517.40
16649Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn PARASURAM EXP(-NCJ)07.1507.20
16630Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MALABAR EXPRESS(-)21.1521.20
16629Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MALABAR EXP(-)06.3506.40
16628Mangalore Central to Chennai Central WEST COAST EXP(MAQ-MAS)00.2500.30
16627Chennai Central to Mangalore Central WEST COAST EXP(MAS-MAQ)01.2501.30
16606Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl ERNAD EXPRESS(NCJ-MAQ)14.2014.25
16605Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn ERNAD EXPRESS(-NCJ)09.5009.55
16604Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)05.2005.25
16603Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)20.2020.25
16566Mangalore Central to Yesvantpur Jn YESVANTPUR EXP(MAQ-YPR)22.1522.20
16565Yesvantpur Jn to Mangalore Central MANGALOREEXP(YPR-MAQ)15.0015.05
16528Kannur to Yesvantpur Jn YESVANTPUR EXP(-YPR)Starts18.00
16527Yesvantpur Jn to Kannur YPR CANNANORE E(YPR-)09.20Ends
16348Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM EXP(-)17.0017.05
16347Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(-)07.5007.55
16346Trivandrum Cntl to Lokmanyatilak T NETRAVATHI EXP(-LTT)20.3520.40
16345Lokmanyatilak T to Trivandrum Cntl NETRAVATI EXP(LTT-)08.4508.50
16338Ernakulam Jn to Okha OKHA EXPRESS(-OKHA)02.0002.05
16337Okha to Ernakulam Jn OKHA ERS EXPRES(OKHA-)18.4518.50
16336Nagercoil Jn to Gandhidham Bg GANDHIDHAM EXP(NCJ-)02.0002.05
16335Gandhidham Bg to Nagercoil Jn NAGERCOIL EXP(-NCJ)18.4518.50
16334Trivandrum Cntl to Veraval VERAVAL EXPRESS(TVC-VRL)02.0002.05
16333Veraval to Trivandrum Cntl VRL TVC EXPRESS(VRL-TVC)18.4518.50
16314Kannur to Ernakulam Jn ERNAKULAM EXP(-)Starts05.00
16313Ernakulam Jn to Kannur CANNANORE EXP(-)22.55Ends
16312Kochuveli to Bikaner Jn BIKANER EXPRESS(KCVL-BKN)02.0002.05
16311Bikaner Jn to Kochuveli BKN KCVL EXPRES(BKN-KCVL)16.0016.05
16308Kannur to Alleppey ALLEPPEY EXP(-ALLP)Starts05.00
16307Alleppey to Kannur CANNANORE EXP(ALLP-)22.55Ends
16306Kannur to Ernakulam Jn ERNAKULAM EXP(-)Starts14.35
16305Ernakulam Jn to Kannur CANNANORE EXP(-)12.30Ends
12978Ajmer Jn to Eranakulam Jn MARU SAGAR EXP(AII-ERS)21.5522.00
12977Ernakulam Jn to Ajmer Jn MARU SAGAR EXPRESS(ERS-AII)02.0002.05
12686Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central CHENNAI EXP(-MAS)18.3018.35
12685Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(MAS-)05.4005.45
12618H Nizamuddin to Ernakulam Jn Mngla Lksdp Exp(NZM-ERS)05.0505.10
12617Ernakulam Jn to H Nizamuddin Mangala Ldweep(ERS-NZM)16.5016.55
12602Mangalore Cntl to Chennai Central CHENNAI MAIL(-MAS)15.3515.40
12601Chennai Central to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE MAIL(MAS-)09.3509.40
12484Amritsar Jn to Kota Jn (RL) Asr Kcvl Expres(ASR-KOTA)07.0007.05
12483Amritsar Jn to Kota Jn Amritsar Exp(ASR-KOTA)18.1018.15
12432H Nizamuddin to Trivandrum Cntl Trivndrm Rjdhni(NZM-TVC)22.5522.57
12431Trivandrum Cntl to H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp(TVC-NZM)03.2803.30
12288Dehradun to Kochuveli Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex(DDN-KCVL)07.0007.05
12287Kochuveli to Dehradun Dehradun Exp(KCVL-DDN)18.1018.15
12218Chandigarh to Kochuveli Kerla S Kranti(CDG-KCVL)07.0007.05
12217Kochuveli to Chandigarh Sampark Kranthi(KCVL-CDG)18.1018.15
12202Kochuveli to Lokmanyatilak T LTT GARIB RATH(KCVL-LTT)18.1018.15
12201Lokmanyatilak T to Kochuveli KCVL GARIB RATH(LTT-KCVL)12.4012.45
12082Trivandrum Cntl to Kannur JAN SHATABDI(-)23.30Ends
12081Kannur to Trivandrum Cntl JAN SHATABDI(-)Starts04.45
11098Ernakulam Jn to Pune Jn POORNA EXPRESS(ERS-PUNE)04.4504.50
11097Pune Jn to Ernakulam Jn POORNA EXPRESS(PUNE-ERS)21.5021.55
10216Ernakulam Jn to Madgaon MADGAON EXPRESS(ERS-MAO)19.0519.10
10215Madgaon to Ernakulam Jn MADGAON ERS EXP(MAO-ERS)05.1505.20
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