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Trains Passing through AGRA FORT
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
59812Agra Fort to Ratlam Junction Haldighati Pass(AF-RTM)Starts19:00
12547Agra Fort to 22.15 Af Adi Sf Exp(AF-ADI)Starts22.15
12195Agra Fort to 05.05 Af Aii Intercit(AF-AII)Starts05:05
12036Agra Fort to 18.00 Af Jp Shatbdi(AF-JP)Starts16:20
09011Bandra Terminus to Patna Junction Bdts Pnbe Special(BDTS-PNBE)23:55 00:00
19037Bandra Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction Avadh Express(BDTS-GKP)21:4521:55
19039Bandra Terminus to Muzaffarpur Jn Avadh Express(BDTS-MFP)21:4521:55
12196Ajmer Jn to 15.00 Aii Af Intercit(AII-AF)21:30Ends
14854Jodhpur Jn to Varanasi Junction Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)20:3020:55
14864Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)20:3020:55
14866Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)20:3020:55
18631Ranchi to 20.10 Rnc Garibnwaz E(RNC-AII)20:1520:25
12988Ajmer Jn to Sealdah Ajmer - Sealdah Express(AII-SDAH)19:2019:45
12987Sealdah to Ajmer Junction Sealdah-Ajmer Express(SDAH-AII)19:0519:30
12307Howrah Junction to Jodhpur Junction Howrah - Jodhpur SF Express (PT)(HWH-JU)19.4020.05
12496Kolkata Chitpur to Bikaner Junction Pratap Express(KOAA-BKN)18:0518:30
12938Howrah Jn to Gandhidham Bg Garbha Express(HWH-GIMB)18:0518:15
15632Guwahati to Bikaner Junction Ghy Bme Bkn Exp(GHY-BKN)18.0518.30
15269Muzaffarpur Jn to 21.20 JANSADHARAN EXP(MFP-ADI)16.3016.40
19569Okha to 13.45 Okha Bsb Expres(OKHA-BSB)15:4015:50
12941Bhavnagar Terminus to 17.30 Bvc Asansol Exp(BVC-ASN)15:4015:50
12937Gandhidham Jn to Howrah Junction Garbha Express(GIMB-HWH)15:4015:50
12316Udaipur City to 00.25 Ananya Express(UDZ-SDAH)15:4015:50
12495Bikaner Jn to 05.20 Bkn Koaa Sup Ex(BKN-KOAA)15:2515:50
02263Sealdah to Ajmer Sealdah - Ajmer ACSF (Urs) Special Fare(SDAH-AII)14:5015:00
13007Howrah Jn to 09.35 U Abhatoofan Ex(HWH-SGNR)14:2014:25
15635Okha to Guwahati Guwahati Expres(OKHA-GHY)13:2513:30
12947Ahmedabad Jn to Patna Junction Azimabad Express(ADI-PNBE)13:2513:30
15667Gandhidham Jn to 13.15 Kamakhya Express(GIMB-KYQ)13:2513:30
15631Barmer to 22.45 Bme Ghy Express(BME-GHY)13:0513:30
25631Bikaner Jn to 00.05 Bkn Ghy Express(BKN-GHY)13:0513:30
13008Shri Ganganagar to 21.00 U A Toofan Exp(SGNR-KLK)13:0213:07
12948Patna Jn to Ahmedabad Junction Azimabad Express(PNBE-ADI)12:2512:30
12942Asansol Jn to 19.50 Parasnath Exp(ASN-BVC)12:2512:30
12035Jaipur Jn to 07.05 Jp Af Sht(JP-AF)10:35Ends
12315Sealdah to Udaipur City Annanya Expres(SDAH-UDZ)10:2510:30
05286Ajmer Junction to Barauni Junction Aii Bju Special(Aii-Bju)10:15 10:20
12396Ajmer Jn to 23.55 Ziyarat Express(AII-RJPB)08:4508:55
15270Ahmedabad Jn to 16.30 JANSADHARAN EXP(ADI-MFP)08.5009.00
12548Ahmedabad Jn to 16.55 Agra Super Fast(ADI-AF)08.20Ends
05285Barauni Junction to Ajmer Junction Bju Aii Urs Special(BJU-AII)07:25 07:30
12395Rejendranagar Terminal to 18.45 ZIYARAT EXPRESS(RJPB-AII)07:2507:30
19570Varanasi Jn to Okha Bsb Okha Express(BSB-OKHA)07:2507:30
14853Varanasi Jn to 17.20 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)06:1006:35
14865Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)06:1006:35
14863Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)06:1006:35
59811Ratlam Jn to Agra Fort Haldighati Pass(RTM-AF)06:00Ends
12308Jodhpur Jn to Howrah Jn Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express (PT)(JU-HWH)05:5006:15
22308Bikaner Jn to 18.45 Bkn Hwh Supfast(BKN-HWH)05:5006:15
19040Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(MFP-BDTS)04:0004:10
19038Gorakhpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(GKP-BDTS)04:0004:10
18632Ajmer Jn to 19.30 Rnc Garib Nawaz(AII-RNC)03:1503:25
03563Asansol Junction to Jaipur Asn Jp Special(ASN-JP)01:05 01:35
15668Kamakhya Jn to 11.00 Kyq Gimb Expres(KYQ-GIMB)00:2500:35
15636Guwahati to 10.45 Dwarka Express(GHY-OKHA)00:2500:35
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Online food delivery in train
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