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Delicious Food in Train at Your Seat

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Latest Food Orders in Train

  • Prashant Jain - New Delhi

    Prashant Order was in New Delhi Railway Station received recommended Jain Food in Train at the right time today at 2:30 PM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Sushant Malik - Vadodara

    Sushant Malik Order was in Vadodara Railway Station received Non Veg Food in Train at the right time today at 01:15 PM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Sanjay Singh - Surat

    Sanjay Singh Order was in Surat Railway Station received Healthy hygienic Food in Train at the right time today at 11:10 AM -
    Payment Method : Net Banking

  • Rajeev Mahate - Nagpur

    Rajeev Mahate Order was in Nagpur Railway Station Delivered Food in Train at the 30 minutes delay time today at 01:00 PM -
    Payment Method : Credit Card

  • Minaxi Sachdeva - Ahmedabad

    Minaxi Order was in Ahmedabad Railway Station received Food Delivery in Train at the right time today at 11:00 AM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Mohan Yadav - Erode

    Mohan Order was in Erode Railway Station received fresh Online Food in Train at the right time today sharp at 10:30 AM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Sanjay Singh - Jhansi Junction

    Prashant Order was in Jhansi Railway Station gladly received Hygiene Food in Train at the right time today at 11:30 AM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Sujata Malik - Pune

    Sujata Order was in Pune Railway Station received Hot and Fresh Food in Train at the right time today at 01:15 PM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery

  • Kajal Khanna- Jaipur

    Kajal Order was in Jaipur Railway Station received Healthy & Testy Food in Train at the right time today at 12:30 PM -
    Payment Method : Cash On Delivery


Online Food in Train

TravelZaika.com is a company involve in Train Food Delivery service since 2014 and going successfully for further serving fresh and hygienic food in train. Our aim is to deliver tasty and delicious food directly to the traveller seat. Everyone can book orders online or through on call and opt any mode of payment like CASH ON DELIVERY and ONLINE PAYMENT. With our best efforts we get prepared a highly sumptuous Food in Train for our customers and accordingly deliver to them right at their seat or compartment. We can assure our customers that the food we get deliver is fully hygienic and according to the taste of the passengers.

We believe in quality Food Delivery in Train that can quench the hunger of the travellers and can give them a sense of satisfaction. For the convenience of the passengers we have SMS facility also. People who have no access to the internet can order their food through SMS short code by simply typing TZPNR and send it to 56161 or else we have the simplest method that is just call our call canter and take help to book food anytime between 7AM to 10PM, who have been benefited by our service, have still not forgotten the quick and dainty services of our vendors.

Our Customers are thankful to us to the core of their hearts. The way to win the hearts of the people passes through their stomach and we try to follow this theory by our heart and soul. The result in that those who are connected with us while their travelling in train thinks their journey absolutely successful and at ease.
Without any hustle or bustle you can receive your Food in Train and enjoyed delicious meal. We have been instrumental for the comfort and ease of the travellers and assure to keep our promises fulfilled forever.

Find What You Need, Quick Food in Train

Find a good Train Food Service for your desired station is big challenge sometime you won’t get the right food at right time. From fine dining restaurants to quick serve and right down to specialty needs such as pure Vegetation restaurant or something Jain Food Restaurant at your selected location. But we assist and assure you that we deliver what we promise. Undergo an Building customer relationships requires time, effort and sincerity. We believe in customer satisfaction as we are into food industry and we understand and care about your taste. We never compromise with that food quality which we deliverer to in your train seat.

How to Order Food in Train

We have a service with the help of which the passenger can order food within 7am till 10pm. There are many passengers who are not much aware of the services and wonder how to order food in the train. The system established by the train food delivery service provider is easy to use.
Why not select a hearty meal or light snack from our menu which will be delivered directly to your seat by our delivery staff. A wide selection of hot meal with Chinese dishes and with very special treatment while food delivery in train.

We are open everyday to serve you hot meal in train

From Monday to Sunday, we will fulfil your food requirements without any hassle; we have dedicated staff to assist you to choose your meal in train. We suggest our passengers that if they have booked meal online, they should verify their booking through giving us a missed call or through email, SMS. Once your booking will approve you need not to do anything just sit and relax, we will be waiting for you to deliver your food in trains.
We have started a new service called “Kids Care” food for kids, If you are travelling in train with your kids and you are worried what to give them, Now we have a solution, for kids & infants we can provide Hot boiled milk, cerelac at or selected railway stations. If it need be frank to tell us we will serve it for you.

Food Delivery Services For Fasting in Train

Special Train Food services to those who are in fast- (abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance). We can provide food and Fresh Fruits especially for train travellers. We maintain complete hygienic environment. We respect devotes belongs to any religion.



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Online food delivery in train
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